Craig y Rhiwarth

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Park at Craig y Nos Country Park, just off the A4067 (there is a small parking charge though toilets and refreshments are available here). A path then takes you through the park and over the river Tawe to a bridleway. The reserve is then in front of you to your right. Alternative access is possible via our Allt Rhongyr nature reserve.
Nearest town: Glyntawe. Post code SA9 1GP.
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SN 846 159

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4.5 hectares

The paths via Craig y Nos Country Park to the entrance of the reserve are wheelchair accessible

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The reserve is open to visitors and you are allowed to visit the reserve on foot for your quiet enjoyment of the wildlife present. However, the site features many areas of scree, steep slopes and cliffs making access very difficult and which should be avoided for your safety. The site can be very wet at any time of year.

Park at Craig y Nos Country Park.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times

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Brecknock Wildlife Trust
Tel: (01874) 625708



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Craig y Rhiwarth

View from Craig y RhiwarthView from Craig y Rhiwarth

Craig y Rhiwarth Nature Reserve

Mossy saxifrage thrives on the limestone rocksCraig y Rhiwarth seen from southThis reserve contains some of the finest examples of limestone plant communities in Brecknock. The reserve contains more than 400 species of trees, flowers, moss and lichens.


What to look out for:

Several species of alchemilla can be found hereRavens nest on the rocky cliffsThe ash woodland has a ground flora that includes lily of the valley, wood spurge, wood fescue and various mosses.
Grassland areas of the reserve have typical limestone grassland flora such as wild thyme and salad burnet and the rarer soft-leaved sedge and mossy 
Please Note:
The northern part of Craig y Rhiwarth Site of Special Scientific Interest is no longer part of the nature reserve. It is private land and access is restricted to existing public rights of way only.


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