Join a Special Interest Group

Brecknock Wildlife Trust works closely with and supports a number of local Special Interest Groups. These special interest groups are all volunteer-led groups of people who have a passion for a particular group of animals or special interest. These groups monitor known populations, provide advice and raise awareness of their chosen speciality. The county recorders collect records of sightings. Please contact the people listed below for more details about a group that interests you or that you wish to join.


Amphibian and Reptile Group


Contact & County Recorder: Hannah Shaw




Bat Group

County Recorder: Phil Morgan. Tel: 01874 658650.

Contact: Rob Morgan. Tel: 01874 623616




Bird Group

Contact & County Recorder: Andrew King. Tel: 01874 658351.
Brecknock Birds Website



Botany Group


Contact: John Crellin Tel: 01497 821116
County Recorder: Mike Porter. Tel: 01874 730354

Botany Recording group blog and photo



Dragonfly Group

Contact & County Recorder: Keith Noble. Tel: 01874 620133




Geology Group

Contact: Alan Bowring. Tel: 01874 620415



Mammal Group 


Contact: Diane Morgan. Tel: 01874658650

County Recorder: Phil Morgan. Tel: 01874 658650



Moth Group

Contact & County Recorder: Dr. Norman Lowe. Tel: 01874 658453.
Brecknock Moth List



Orchards Group

Contact: Sheila Leitch. Tel: 01497 847354.