Sending in wildlife records

Botany recording at Allt Rhongyr Nature ReserveBotany recording at Allt Rhongyr Nature Reserve

By recording what species are present in Brecknock we can gain a better understanding of where wildlife is present and can use the data to measure how healthy our natural environment is.

What is a species record?

Records provide information on the location and status of habitats and species. A species record consists of a minimum of the ‘4 Ws’:

WHO made the observation?
WHAT species was recorded?
WHERE was the species recorded? – a place name and grid reference if possible
WHEN was the observation made?

How do I send in a species record?

Here in Brecknock there are two ways to send in a species record. 

You can either

  • Send a species record directly to the county recorder for that taxonomic group, or
  • Send the record directly to the Local Records Centre, in Brecknock this is called  'The Biodiversity Information Service for Powys and the Brecon Beacons National Park' (BIS)

Click here to see a list of county recorders and their contact details

Click here to submit an online record to BIS

What if I have large amounts of records, or lots of records for different species in one area?

Please contact BIS directly to discuss inputting your information.

What if I want to see what species are in my area?

To see what is in your area click here


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