About Brecknock Wildlife Trust

The Beacons (c) Jon PimmThe Beacons (c) Jon Pimm

Brecknock Wildlife Trust is a registered charity and membership organisation that works for the protection of the wildlife in the vice-county of Brecknock, Powys.

Brecknock Wildlife Trust began its life in 1964 as The Brecknock County Naturalists' Trust with the aim of protecting wildlife for the future. In 2014 we celebrated our 50th anniversary with nearly 1000 members and 18 Nature Reserves.

It is thanks to our members and volunteers that we are able to keep going - we do not receive any core governmental funding. Our income comes from a range of sources including grants, legacies, business support and charitable trust donations, but most important of all are our membership subscriptions. So thank you for helping us.

Brecknock Wildlife Trust is part of a partnership of 47 local Wildlife Trusts across the UK. With 800,000 members and 2,300 nature reserves, we are the largest UK voluntary organisation dedicated to conserving the full range of the UK’s habitats and species. Visit The Wildife Trusts national website.


What we do

We protect wildlife

We work to give wildlife a helping hand across Brecknock. This includes monitoring species and running projects to support declining species such as water voles, and threatened habitats such as Rhos pasture.

We look after nature reserves
We look after over 20 nature reserves with a wide variety of habitats. Our nature reserves are central to our work to secure a better future for wildlife.

We create Living Landscapes
We work with other landowners to create Living Landscapes for the benefit of wildlife and people. Living Landscapes are large-scale projects which bring large-scale benefits for wildlife.

We provide wildlife advice
We offer advice to individuals, planners, developers and landowners about how to protect and enhance gardens and habitats for wildlife.

We campaign for wildlife
We run campaigns to save precious habitats and vulnerable species. We work with politicians, planners and members of the public to influence policy and decisions affecting wildlife.

We educate people about wildlife
We put on education programmes and events that inspire people about wildlife to ensure that as many people as possible appreciate the precious natural resources of our county.


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