Sustainable Living

Many wider environmental issues ultimately affect wildlife with a knock on effect on people. Some of these have been well recognised for some time, e.g. air pollution destroying lichens or enriching grassland, water pollution causing species extinction and Wildlife Sites being lost to landfill or new roads to accommodate increasing traffic levels.

Furthermore there is now a growing acceptance of the immediacy of climate change, which looks likely to prove a major determining factor affecting the survival of our biodiversity, at all scales from the local to the global.

In light of the growing awareness of these crucial linkages, Brecknock Wildlife Trust is committed to fostering sustainable living by:

  • Understanding and then minimising the ecological impact of our own work.
  • Promoting local action and inspiring people to reduce their impact on the natural environment through changes in behaviour.

Sustainability begins at Home

It's easy to say you want to do what you can to save the planet, but just where do you start?

Download the Wildlife Trust Wales "Guide to Greener Living" to find out how (PDF 1.9MB).

Green Your Business

Going green makes good business sense. Adopting a greener attitude can help you cut costs and improve success and profitability, as well as helping the environment. Research has shown that companies which adopt environmental policies are more likely to win business than those which do not.

Find out how to green your business by downloading the Wildlife Trust Wales "Sustainability in the Work Place" leaflet (PDF 2.2MB).