Brechfa Pool

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A narrow lane from off the A470 approx 1.5 miles south of Llyswen leads up to Brechfa Common. The pool is on the right after crossing the cattle grid. There is roadside parking opposite the small chapel. Visitors are requested not to drive over the turf of the common.
Nearest town: Llyswen. Post code LD3 0NL.
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SO 118 377

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5 hectares

The public roads round 3 sides of the pool provide excellent sight of the whole reserve.

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The reserve is an open access reserve, you are allowed to visit the reserve on foot for your quiet enjoyment of the wildlife present. The site can be very wet at any time of year. Do not enter the pool.

Roadside parking opposite the converted chapel, please do not drive onto the turf.

Please keep dogs under close control.

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Yes, on the common

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Brecknock Wildlife Trust
Tel: (01874) 625708



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Brechfa Pool

Brechfa PoolBrechfa Pool

Brechfa Pool Nature Reserve

The rare pillwort,an aquatic fernBrechfa Pool is a small shallow-bottomed lake located at a height of 270metres (900ft). Its seasonally varying water level provides an ideal home for several rare plants.


What to look out for:

Water-crowfootIt is home to plants that include orange foxtail grass, pennyroyal and the rare aquatic fern called pillwort. Orange foxtail grass inhabits the drying muddy margins of the lake and pennyroyal grows in the damp grassland.
Pillwort is the most threatened plant that occurs on the site. It is included in the Red Data Book, which lists the most threatened plants in the UK. Mid Wales is its stronghold in Europe and there are three known sites in Brecknock of which Brechfa Pool is the best.
In spring and autumn the reserve is a very popular and valuable refuelling stop for wading birds on migration. Birds that breed on the site include mute swan, lapwing, black-headed gull and reed bunting, while wildfowl such as snipe, curlew, teal and Bewick's swan can be seen.


The pool provides a safe haven for breeding wildfowl such as this coot
For information on recent sightings, visit the Brecknock Birds website.


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